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  1. Hi, Say the name of the icon file is "special.png" and I put the same in the icon column. After mass import, it is found that it is not taken. So, I have to go to edit mode to enter the icon file name again and manually upload the image from my PC. What is the correct way such that the above manual work can be skipped because there can be tens of thousands of places to handle? Should I 1. save the icon file to bt_googlemap/place/icon first 2. then set the icon column in the mass import excel spreadsheet to bt_googlemap/palce/icon/special.png ?? Thanks, Kwok
  2. Sorry, I missed the component options. Thanks for the tips.
  3. Here you are....
  4. Hi, I did. No response yet.
  5. Hi Hung, I encountered same issue. Is the update package ready? Please help urgently! Thanks. Kwok
  6. Hover on the pin seems only show the title of the place. The infowindow is displayed only onclick. Is there a way to allow hover to show infowindow instead?
  7. I created the map and one region (California) through the component. Both is displayed on U.S. soil on the map. Then, the some police departments of California is mass imported (see attached). However, they are displayed through the Map module as if they are located in the ocean off Australia Please kindly advise what I have missed urgently. Thanks, Kwok CA import