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  1. Thank you.... I cannot find on the setting page where the POSITION option is. The only page I see where it can be is the ADVANCED CODING tab....but it's not there. Pam
  2. I am using the social plugin.... When I click Twitter it works just fine But I cannot click the Facebook button. The cursor shows it as a pointer, but it won't click. I am on Joomla 3.7.2 Using YooTheme template Thanks Pam
  3. Thank you. It doesn't happen to me at all....but it happens to some customers when they login. And since I don't know which customers it's happening to and who are just abandoning signing's a problem.
  4. This is happening in my website right now! I've been reading the threads...but nothing is working. All of a sudden this happened. I'm on the latest instance of Joomla 3.4.8 I'm on BT Login version 2.6.1 HELP!!! Must customers cannot login.
  5. I added a new module to my sidebar. This module is for users to change their password, check rewards points, etc. However, when I try to logout...this module's items (ile. change password, rewards points) are showing in the logout. Ummm...I don't want that to happen...why is it and how can I fix it? Pam
  6. I am using Gantry 4 template, Joomla 3.4 When using 3.4, you can now edit modules from the front end. When I login, I cannot logout, because I can no longer see the BT Login drop down arrow to choose logout because as administrator...Joomla's option dropdown that allows me to edit the module covers it that arror. (see attached image) How can I overcome this? Is there a way to move the arrow under my name instead of beside it?