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  1. Hi, I've installed the component and made all necessary configurations. Followed your pdf instructions, created a Facebook App and published it. I'm not using any other channels...just trying to set up the auto publishing feature to Facebook. Everytime I create a new article I get the error message (dashboard view, statistics) with no more info about the type of error. I just can't figure what I've done wrong. Do you have any clue or advice which points me into the right direction? Another point: when I'm the Channel Tab and go to Options and click on Load Facebook page a separate windows opens saying ....loading. After a few seconds the window closes again and nothing happens. Maybe these two points are connected? Oh, I don't have any other channels configured. Facebook is the only one my client needs. Using Joomla 3.4.1. Thanks for your help. Kev Edit: Never mind....I managed to talk the client out of autoposting to FB. So no need to get it working :-)