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  1. No Problem, enjoy your holiday.
  2. Hi, The reCaptcha is not showing anywhere on the registration form and if someone try to register they get a message (Warning-Empty solution not allowed.), I have recently upgraded joomla to V3.4; I have never tested before that. By the way I have tried the BT reCaptcha and the native one but none of them working. Also if someone tries to register using the Kunena registration link, it shows an error message sending the activation link, therefore the user's account won't be activated and they can’t use their account. Please help. Thanks
  3. Thanks Tam, I found the video to be good but I had an issue because I wanted to add a third column and then to a have a group of links under it but it kept adding the rows at the bottom instead of under the header of the third menu, I figured out that I have to add a submenu then groups and to move the raw under the third menu using the arrows, it sorted now anyway. Thanks
  4. Hi, I have three questions regarding the Mega Menu please: 1- How can I duplicate one of the columns in the explorer's mega menu? 2- How can make the first link in the column as a heading in the same colour like (Contacts or Weblinks) under the explorer menu of your template's demo? 3-If I need to download the above header file to do so, there is a file called header.php already on the server, do I replace it? And if I do will that change the header of the website? Thank you
  5. By the way, I was trying to setup the BT Social login in my wife's website today but none of the above worked including my last solution above, it was solved by a simple copy and paste the address of her website in both fields without changing anything, worked a treat, just in case if all the above doesn't work try this simple solution.
  6. Congratulations for such a good work Gina, that's lovely.
  7. Hi, I have installed your quick start package (bt_travel_quickstart_j3.3_v3.2) in the admin site there are updates for Joomla, Kunena,AcyMailing Starter, K2 and T3. If I upgrade Joomla to the latest 3.4.1 and update all the others, will that mess up your BT template, or shall I leave it as it is? If I can only update some, which ones? Thank you
  8. Solved: all I have done is I removed the http:// in both fields in case if anyone had the same issues as me
  9. Hi tronghm, yes I did but still no joy, I even deleted the Client ID and Secret and created two more but still the same case.
  10. Hi, I'm having the same issue, I tried all the above but nothing is working,Still have the G+ error ( 400. That’s an error.Error: redirect_uri_mismatch)I'm using the BT-Real estate Template, Could someone please help as I spent hours googling it but still no joy? Thanks
  11. Hi, I have installed the BT Travel template using the quickstart package, But the four floating social media links on the right hand side still have the Bowthemes links, how can I change them to my social media links please? Thank you