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  1. On my site www.janferrari.com i think about making a special meny/page for one person, so only that person can login and see for exampel my workplan, so he/she can contact me there. So is it possible to make a simple login so a person can see a jpg for exampel?
  2. Hmmm.. i think it would be tough to change to another template. But i wonder why it is "Streetlife" that comes first in the view all the time, it should be possible to change it some how??
  3. I would like that people, could see COUNTRIES as the first when entering portfolio and not as it is now Night Shots. Could you tell me what i can do here? janferrari.com
  4. Just the above, would like to know how you found ALL?
  5. Hi Tam Pham That's what i want. But I would like to know where you found "All" and disconected it.
  6. People say my portfolio site is confusing to look at. When people look at my portfolio, they look at the same time at for example BRAZIL but also subportfolios like MACEIO and PARATY. The problem is the same for Denmark. When they open PORTFOLIO they see now a totally mixed thing, where they see both the leader (Brazil) to the two cities Paraty and Maceio. Question: Is it possible that i can make so they only see as it should be now, four "Blind" portfolios as for example the four categories (not the ALL category), so the all category goes away, and they only see: NIGHTSHOTS, NATURE, STREETLIFE and COUNTRIES. And when pressing one of them it will lead to a subportfolio? http://www.janferrari.com/index.php/portfolio
  7. I have tried another Notepad and now it works fine. Thanks Tam Pham.
  8. It is copied from wikipedia and edited and saved in Notepad ++. Copied again and pasted.
  9. Hello Tam Pham I've tried to edit in PARATY, because the text looked a bit tiny. But i can't set a size and i only want it a little bit up. Right now it looks terrible, some text is greyed out and some is white, and text is too big now. I have tried other portfolios, but the problem is the same. What can i do here?
  10. Is there any reason why my Facebook LIkebox only show five faces, no matter how many i choose? www.janferrari.com
  11. Hi Tam Pham I will only write maximal three to four lines explanation to each portfolio, so don't You think short description is enough?
  12. I have written a short description in the portfolio PARATY but i can't see it at all. I would like to do that to all portfolios :D
  13. I do want it to be below the slideshow. But as i said before Tam Pham has removed it in an earlier forum add, and i don't know what he did. I tried to write in the short description under the portfolio PARATY, but it is not visible. http://www.janferrari.com/index.php/portfolio/brazil/paraty
  14. Hi Trong Tam Pham has under BT Photograpy in the early of this site, removed the text possibillity under the slideshow, and he has my login. Unfortunately, i don't know what he did. What i want: That i in a text box can write something about the whole slideshow, f.ex. in the slideshow PARATY: PARATY a under UNESCO protection. Paraty is a very charming old fashion village in Brazil, where the daily life goes slowly and cosy What i don't want: I don't want the titel of the single photo shown at all. And NO description of the single photo, only the total slideshow when it is running, And that's for all slideshows.
  15. Is it possible to have a text box, on top of the right side of each slideshow? So that Facebook Like is under the text box. What i want is a text box, so i can tell a little about where the slideshow is from.