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  1. Okay I got it solved after a couple of days tinkering. Disable the plugin : System - Page Cache. By the way, 1. My BT Login module configurations page/ Modules tab says " BT Login Module Version 2.6.1 BT Login module is alternate Joomla! login module BT Login Module Version 2.6.1 " - that's 2.6.1 2. The description tab has a. version 2.6.1 in the title b. but says down below Your current versions is 2.6.0. Find our latest versions now c. your download page says Latest version : 2.6.4 mod_bt_login_j2.5&j3.x_j2.5_v2.6.4.zip d. after installing your download it says that the installation is successful, now you have 2.6.0 installed Some people here naively thinks that just because an extension is free then users should not complain. We spend unhesitatingly on premium extensions and memberships and we would be more than willing to spend on good extensions if the free ones convince us that the support is reliable, prompt and the product will not cost us more in lost time and sales than its price. The standard of care and meticulousness exercised in producing free extensions carry on its back a responsibility to users in addition to an impact on their purchase decisions.
  2. Saubik's solution make sense but I am still having the problem after changing the codes
  3. Now the problem has cropped up again. Need to clear the cache every time to solve the problem. I see lots of people reporting the same problem since 2012 and lately there has been no reply anymore. It gives me an impression of how much one can expect in terms of support if I would like to buy bowtheme's other products.
  4. This worked for me too. Thanks Alrod!