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  1. I've looked through my account and profile, there's nowhere to automatically delete my BT account, how do I go about this please as I no longer have use for it and would like it deleting. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi There, I'm using your BT Login on my Joomla site and I want to activate / integrate Joomla's in-built 'Strong Password Encryption', firstly does your extension run in tandem with joomla's core login / registration system, as whenever I unpublished their's, it seemed BT Login no longer worked and so I re-published joomla core login module. I then will know whether I can simply publish and activate strong password encryption on my site once I know the answer to the above. Thank you, much appreciated.
  3. Hi There, Great little extension, I've set my buttons colours in the 'bg button colour' settings but they're not showing live on the site. I am unsure if it maybe something to do with my template over riding your extensions? If you can take a look at please and you will see your extension in the top-a module position. I look forward to hearing from you. Regards,