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  1. Yes i use: com_bt_property_j2.5& I didnt customize the filters code if that is what you mean. The Country drop down is "Cyprus" in the images, the country is selected. I can send you an account to have a look if you like, I just noticed after restoring a backup, that the problem started when i updated the template .
  2. I have an issue with the BT Property Filter. When i search for something it works and shows the properties properly on the first time. But when i try to make a new search the Cities drop down is empty.
  3. Nevermind i am stupid everything works fine. The site was on meintance mode and facebook couildnt access the article. Thanks anw
  4. Thank you for your fast response! One last thing. Since the update when i share a link on facebook i cant see the image or the description. I only see the title.
  5. Thank you i updated the template and i fixed the problem. But now i see a new one. When i search for a property using the property filter module i get this.
  6. Hi i am having problems getting BT Property Showcase to work properly.. I crated the module but it looks like this. Can you please help me?