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  1. I'm waiting for some attention on this issue to. we've received about 400 email's sent by the form to contact the agents in BT PROPERTY component. The Captcha where active. Whe've deactivated those form's in order to stop the injection. It's very important to solve this issue. The email's where like this Para: Assunto: Zero Porcento: You have received new message! - Ralph Launren Outlet Hi ! Ralph Launren Outlet [] [] has just sent you a new message: ------------------ Ralph Launren Outlet Ralph Lauren Outlet Ralph Launren Outlet Ralph Lauren Outlet Ralph Launren Outlet Ralph Launren Outlet ------------------ Sent from the page:
  2. Its happening to me to, in a website with BT Property and it algo startup in last friday.
  3. Hi there The problem is in this <div class="property-carousel-thumb-inner" style="width: 92px; height: 14px;">. If i deleted the style with the developers tools in chrome, it get's great. But i can't get the origin of that style "tag". Could you help me. Thank's
  4. Hi there I'm configuring my website and the thumbnails in Chrome appears vertically. Does anyone have a clue about this. Thanks
  5. Thanks, problem solved.
  6. Hi there In Contact Us Page there are a "Drop a Line" and "Contact info" side by side, how can i change that things. Thanks Helder