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  1. Hello, I'm experiencing the same issue as everybody else here. Why the hell a plug and play extension has to be so complicated??? I've created an API as instructed and added it to the component but still when I try to add a YouTube video all I get is spinning circle :( Any ideas pleas?
  2. Worked like magic :) Thank you again. Wish I could write a 10 out of 10 review on JED... You deserve it.
  3. Warm review :) The other one won't really do nothing.
  4. BTW, I've looked you up on JED to post a worm review but couldn't find the extension or a developer page.
  5. Hello and thank you again for the premium support. As you can see in the following link, the site itself will disappear when we click on any thumbnail. But, click on the main right and left arrows or on the thumbnails right and left arrows and the site comes back again. So you see, this makes browsing through the images quite uncomfortable as the user needs to click on the thumbnails every time to hide the site back again. Website link
  6. Hello Dear, I'm sorry to do this but I have one small fix I would like to address to you. After the change you've made the thumbnails now works great and the site disappears just like the client asked for. But, the right and left arrows next to the thumbnail will bring the site back on. That makes the browsing experience very clumsy as the user needs to click on the thumbnail again to hide the site. Can you please instruct me on how to apply the same rule on the arrows as well? Thank you very much in advance, Guy.
  7. That's PERFECT. I don't know how to thank you enough :D
  8. Hi, Thank you for the modification. I've copied the file to the location you've mentioned and this actually caused the entire module to disappear. No background image, no thumbnails, no top show/hide content. I guess something went wrong... Guy.
  9. Hi, Any update regarding this feature? I'm willing to pay the extra cost for this modification if needed. Thank you, Guy.
  10. Click outside thumbnails is a great idea. In addition, I do have the SHOW CONTENT/HIDE CONTENT button enabled so clicking it will be another option. If both could work together that will be best. This could be a great addition to an already great tool :)
  11. Hi, I'm working with your tool for the first time and it's great. I've setup the Nav Type to "Thumbnails" and every thing is working as it should. My client raised a very reasonable request: he would like the content of the page to disappear at the same time a user clicks on one of the thumbnails. Basically he's asking to trigger the "Show Content/Hide Content" button along with the thumbnail click. It really does make sense if we presume that the user clicks on the thumbnails to watch the images and the content is kind of "in the way". I could not find a way to do it myself. Can this feature be added easily? Thank you in advance, Guy.
  12. Yep. That was it. I figured it was CSS related and tried the z-index solution several times but the position: relative finally did the trick :) Had to set the background to none as well. Thank you very much.
  13. Hi guys, I'm facing the same problem here. Installed and setup the module alright and it seems to be working fine except for overlapping the entire body. I've read all the posts here and tried it all. I'm building the site locally so no URL. I can tell you that the module is set in position "debug", "Slideshow size" -> "Window", "Wrapper Element" -> "Body". I'm using Helix 3 as the framework for this site. Will appreciate your help here. Thank you in advance, Guy.