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  1. Hi again, Nothng happens, it still doesn't save changes after having add the code line. Regards
  2. Hello Tronghm, and thanks I have checked what you told me but when I make changes and saved it, nothing changes in backend. I change username to "email", save changes, open the module again and the username is "username" again. This happens in FB and TW Thank
  3. Hello I have a problem with facebook login. After clicking facebook login it try to connect. Appear the connection pop up where I have to agree and then I am redirected to the create account form. Is that normal?? Thanks
  4. Hello I'm trying to set up the extension but I have some issues in the differents logins: Google: If a person is already registered in my web, he can register with google. But if it is the first time he wants to register, there is a message "the register failed, please introduce your name". I think it should be registered automatically with his google data, no?? Twitter: Depending of set up in "editing user info" and "editing mail" I have differents message. Or register failed, please introduce your name or redirection to "create account". I don't know if you want my admin data to check back end... Thanks Antonio