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  1. Hello, From time to time, BT content slider disappears, and its content returns only after I clear the website cache and click control+F5 to clear the browser cache. I use conservative caching in Global Configuraion and also Jch plugin. In these disappearing modules, I have changed the caching in the Advanced tab to No caching, but it did not help and the BT content slider modules still disappear from time to time and return only after the cache is cleared.
  2. Hello, I see that BT Ccontent Slider uses the cache folder for the thumbs. I use Jch plugin to optimize the images, but I lose the optimized images each time I flush the cache, so I would like the thumbs to be in another folder, not the cache folder. How can I do it?
  3. Hello, I changed my website from http to https, and then BT content slider disappeared and there is en error in the console: "Failed to load resource: net::ERR_INSECURE_RESPONSE". The host told me to drop the www from all the links: so instead of https://www.mywebsite/modules/mod_bt_contentslider... it should be: https://mywebsite/modules/mod_bt_contentslider... How can I remove www from all the links of Bt content slider? (There are JS and CSS links in the source code).
  4. Here is a direct link:
  5. Hello, Please see the attached images, in the administrator there are 8 articles but in the front end only 6 articles are shown: one article is missing and the other article is missing the image. How can I fix this bug?
  6. Hi, Finally I have found a solution: I hide the module title, and instead write the title in the field "content title". The default.php affects this title, and now I have <h2> for a title :)
  7. Hi, I cleared cache, and also changed default.php in /templates/template_name/html/mod_bt_contentslider, but the <h3> is still there. What can I do?
  8. Hi, I have changed h3 to h2 in the above code, but in Firebug I see that the title is still h3. What else should I do?
  9. Hi, For SEO reasons, I would like to change the module title from h3 to h2, please see the attached file, I have changed the Header Tag from h3 to h2, but in the website I see that nothing happens, and the module header remains h3. What should I do?
  10. Thank you so much, now I can see the slider in mobile phones!
  11. I opened Vietnam for this website, you can now test the problem.
  12. H, Please see BT Content Slider in the following website: The slider can be seen in desktop but not in mobile view. In mobile phones the slider disappears. How can I fix it?