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  1. Yes! the added code fixes the issue, thanks so much!
  2. pm sent
  3. Yes, I can see images in the modules settings page. no the site is not RTL. I did try copying files into the slideshow folder but it did not make a difference. Other info: joomla 3.4.5; Gantry 5 with hydrogen template (though I had the same problem with Gantry 4 installed. I moved to 5 hoping the issue might resolve itself)
  4. Hi, Have simple slideshow installed, with default values. It shows up on the page but there is no image. the rotating icon rotates and you can see the dots which match the number of images. Also the image folders: Manager; Original; and Thumbnail have files but slideshow folder is empty. GD is enabled. Would appreciate suggestions to make images show. Thanks!