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  1. Hi, there are some js conflicts. You can get rid of them by using e.g. Best regards
  2. Hi folks, I want to use the extension PayPlans to give users the chance to deside for a subscription (free, paid a, paid b, etc.). Does anybody knows how to switch the given registration form from bt to payplans? Thanks in advance
  3. Great! I forwared your details to my partner, who is the "development"-part of our site! He really likes to touch base with you!
  4. Hi tronghm, thx! I will do! I forwarded your former post to the extly guys and they said, that they starting to develop the plugin to automatically post new properties to different social media channels. If you could include this lines to your upcoming updates of bt property, this would be awesome! btw: i changed a lot at the different parts of bt property component, filter and so on. If you want to, I would love to have a skpye chat with you to show you the changes and you can decide, if something would be interesting for you to implement in your further updates. THX and best regards BTW: I am GMT+1 (standard time; GMT+2 summer time)
  5. Hi guys, I need to have something like a "close to" checkbox-list. Will mean: a user can add a property and select some hotspots close to his property. BUT, he should only see this extrafields group, that is related to his city. Eg. you add a property in UK > London > City Centre (no need to add a district) - now you should see major hotspots from London to select. So you may select "My location is close to:" [Tower of London], [big Ben] etc. but you would never see e.g. [The White House] or [Cheops-Pyramid] The "searching user" should be able to search for country, city, district (not really needed) AND "close to" --> this field should open a checkbox list in reference of the choosen city. Would something like this be possible? Thanks in advance! BTW: YOU GUYS ARE GREAT! THANKS TO THE TEAM FOR AWESOME SUPPORT SOFAR!!!!
  6. Hi Tronghm, thank you very much! I will try this and touch base with the extly-guys and keep you posted as well ;-) THX and best regards
  7. Hi Tronghm, let's think about a short workaround... I already implemented the "country/city selection by id" for the showcase module. I can get Countries/Cities only through the filter >> select: country -> Pushes out this URL ...?task=filter&option=com_bt_property&view=properties&country=ID&city=&category_select=&prstatus=&extraid[20]=20&extraselect[20]=&method=AND[/CODE] If you skip everything except: [CODE]...?task=filter&option=com_bt_property&view=properties&country=ID[/CODE] you get all properties in this country. You can do the same with adding the parameter [CODE]&city=ID[/CODE] My problem would be solved in the first time, when I would have the chance to make this URLs SEF and set them as external links inside the menu to get something like this [CODE] DOMAIN.TLD/countryname/cityname [/CODE] Any ideas or suggestions? Many thanks in advance
  8. Hi, Tronghm! The guys from Extly told me, that if you can do this with your component, they will develop the plugin for it. Best regards
  9. Hi guys, actually there is no option/possibility to make a menu point linking to a special country or city. In my case, I need to have such an option and this is really buring under my nails. Does anybody have a suggestion? If a user is filterning a property right now, you will see this URL: domain/rooms/house/property-name (rooms=my menu point to show all results; house=my property type/property category; property-name=property title) What I would really, really need is this: domain/rooms/country/city/property-name Thanks a million in advance!
  10. Hi guys, I had a short conversation with the guys from in respect of integrating BT Property component to their autotweet component. They checked BT Property component and send this answer: So here comes my question: Would this be possible for you? Thanks in advance
  11. Hi folks, short question: is there a plugin or an option to automatically generate a new Joomla content or K2 content when a new property is added? Thanks in advance
  12. Solution is to add a new field for filtering by country, city, district ID - that's the whole story :) KISS = keep it short and simple :D Regards Nikki