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  1. Hello, When i use the media slideshow on there are no images in the gallerys! The Titlecategory image is shown but the other images are not shown. I get just a white screen with next und previous buttons. When i use the skitter slideshow all images are also not shown. When i use "None" all Images are shown! I have update Joomla to 3.8.4 und use the bt_portfolio 3.1.4
  2. How is it possible to fix the problem?
  3. When i deactivate the Button "Show Category" in the Component BT Portfolio, the Modul "BT Category Modul" doesn´t work. If i activate the "Show Category" in the Component, the Modul also works. Is it possible to deactivate " Show Category" in the component so that the Modul though will work? Thank You Greetz