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  1. Oke problem solved. For anyone else who has the same problem. The margin setting was not working because of a different css style. I placed margin-right:25px !important; in my css file and now problem is solved. But I would like to know why the module is not working with strip tags option off. I use the template Paradigm by Rockettheme.
  2. Oke, I have found the problem. When the strip tags option is off the module is not working at all. When it is on the module is working, but it looks like ***. I have one image and one text field side by side. So one article per slide on the whole width of the page. How can I make sure the text has a margin from the image? Applying a margin to the text does not working. Applying a padding to the image gives the image a padding, but the image shadow remains in position. Anyone any ideas?
  3. I have installed the BT content slider and no matter what I do, it is not working correctly. I get it to show one article (joomla or K2 no difference) but no more. It shows one article and two empty slots. If I say to show 3 articles, it shows them on top of eachother, but still only one article from the category I choose. If I give the article id's I still only get the first article to show and two empty slides. What am I doing wrong? This is a project for a client and I am not allowed to show the webpage yet. So I can't give the url. But perhaps this sounds familiar to somone who can help and point me in the right direction. Been trying this for the past 9 hours and I am really frustrated right now.