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  1. You have to add some code to the following file components/com_bt_property/controllers/agent.php on about line 27 find "function sendmsg(); { " and copy the following: function sendmsg() { JRequest::checkToken() or jexit('Invalid Token'); $captcha = JFactory::getConfig ()->get ( 'captcha' ); $return_url = base64_decode(JRequest::getVar('return','')); if($captcha) { $reCaptcha = JCaptcha::getInstance($captcha); $checkCaptcha = $reCaptcha->checkAnswer(''); if(!$checkCaptcha){ $msg= JTEXT::_('Incorrect CAPTCHA entered. Please try again.'); if($return_url){ $this->setRedirect($return_url, $msg); }else{ $this->setRedirect(JRoute::_('index.php'), $msg); } return; } } $app = JFactory::getApplication(); $agent = JUser::getTable(); $agent->load($app->input->getInt('agent_id')); $name = $app->input->getString('name'); $email = $app->input->getString('email');
  2. I am having the same issue. By looking at the code the Facebook image should save to "images/bt_socialconnect/avatar/" which it does! "components\com_bt_socialconnect\helpers\html\social.php" case'picture': if(isset($user->picture) && $user->picture!=''){ $saveDir =JPATH_SITE .'/images/bt_socialconnect/'; $images_path = $saveDir .'avatar/'; self::prepareFolders($saveDir); self::prepareFolders($images_path); $path_image_avartar = $images_path; $saveto = $path_image_avartar.'image_' . md5($user->picture) .'_('.$user->username.'_'.$items->alias.')_' . '.jpg'; if(file_exists($saveto)) unlink($saveto); $fp = fopen($saveto,'wb'); fwrite($fp, self::getContentUrl($user->picture)); fclose($fp); $dispatcher = JDispatcher::getInstance(); JPluginHelper::importPlugin('btsocialconnect'); $results = $dispatcher->trigger('onBtSocialconnectSave', array($user,$items)); $items->alias='image_' . md5($user->picture) .'_('.$user->username.'_'.$items->alias.')_' . '.jpg'; } break; However the link for the image does not get added to the users avatar field. There is a bug somewhere that doesn't link the image to the users avatar. Admins please help??
  3. Any updates on this? Perhaps have a paid option for selecting a Featured listing?
  4. I sent various emails since January and have not received a reply back for my custom development request? Can you please answer my email. Thank you.
  5. Hi, I've fixed the issue by hacking the "/components/com_bt_property/controllers/agent.php" file. However I am having trouble receiving the email as HTML so that I can include "<br>". Can you please tell me how I can send this message as HTML and include line breaks? Currently I receive the email as one. function sendmsg() { JRequest::checkToken() or jexit('Invalid Token'); $app = JFactory::getApplication(); $agent = JUser::getTable(); $agent->load($app->input->getInt('agent_id')); $name = $app->input->getString('name'); $email = $app->input->getString('email'); $phone = $app->input->getString('phone'); $content = $app->input->getString('content'); $referrer = $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'] ? 'This Form was submitted from: ' . $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'] : ''; if($agent->email){ $config = JFactory::getConfig(); $emailSubject = 'Agent Enquiry - Complete Home Realty'; $emailBody = "$agent->name $name $email $phone $content $referrer"; $send = JFactory::getMailer()->sendMail($config->get('mailfrom'), $config->get('fromname'), $agent->email, $emailSubject, $emailBody); } if($send){ $msg= JTEXT::_('COM_BT_PROPERTY_SEND_MESSAGE_AGENT_SUCCESS'); }else{ $msg= JTEXT::_('COM_BT_PROPERTY_SEND_MESSAGE_AGENT_FAIL'); } $return_url = base64_decode(JRequest::getVar('return','')); if($return_url){ $this->setRedirect($return_url, $msg); }else{ $this->setRedirect(JRoute::_('index.php'), $msg); } } }[/CODE] Thanks!
  6. Hi, I get the same message and the "agent" does NOT receive any emails. What is the solution please?
  7. Hi, I have recently purchased your component. On the front-end, a User is able to edit their own listings via "BT Property ยป myproperties". My question; is there a way for a "Super Administrator" to have access to all the agents listings and edit them from the Front-End? My client has one person to submit new listings but they need to be able to assign a different Agent to each listing and then also be able to edit the listings from the front-end. I know this is possible in the administrator backend but I want to keep it simple and allow only one account to edit all listings from the front-end. Also the front-end submission form would also need a new field to include which agent the listing belongs to (as it currently) doesn't have that option. Please let me know if this is possible or if you need any further information? Kind Regards, Andres