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  1. Hi, When I'm trying to set a new "Date field" into the "BT Quick Contact" module seems not working properly. To be more specific, when I click on "Add new" field and fill in all the necessary fields with "Field Type" --> Date, after the click on "Create Field" the modules doesn't save itself and joomla sends me to the list of the modules. After that when I get back to the "BT Quick Contact" module details it hasn't saved the date field.
  2. Hello Tam, I 'm gonna crazy... All these days the "search" module didn't work properly and it called for login procedure when I was trying to find something. Today seems to have been fixed. (by itself ???) Anyway, thank you very much!!
  3. Hi, when I try to find some results using the "search" module, it says that I have to login first. I would like all public users have access to the site results and not only the register users. I use the search module in "head_search" position. What should I do?