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  1. Hi: I have created a BT Content Showcase module. Its layout is DEFAULT with 2 columns and 6 rows. I have set up the Articles sorted by "Published-Desc". The module is shown correctly except from the fact that the way it shows the ordering is not from left to right but from top to bottom. That means that to the right of the first article is not the second, but the seventh. The second article is on the first column, second row. I wonder if it is possible to alter that setting, because otherwise my readers cannot see the six most recent publications unless they scroll down. It would be definitely much more intuitive if they could read the most recent articles from left to right. Here is how the module is displayed now (below the highlighted article): Thanks!
  2. Hi, I am getting this NOTICE and I can't get rid of it, even after trying to change the category settings. NOTICE: UNDEFINED VARIABLE: SUBK2RELATED1 You can access it at: It appears right under the first article. What could be the problem causing it? Thanks, Pablo