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  1. Update, The watermarkt was Created the problem. When i don't use, every pictures are showed, but when i use, only the first 3. pictures are...what is the problem with watermarkt?
  2. Hy, I have a big problem about bt property slideshow. Only the first 3 of all pictures show, the 4. 5. 6. is not. Here is my problem: https://prnt.sc/hk804e https://prnt.sc/hk80m2 What do you think? What can i do? :( Thank you very much if you help me :)))))
  3. Hy, i have the same problem. Somebody help ? :)
  4. Dear Helpers, I have a little problem with bt_property component with the uploded image. Here is a prntsc about my problem. In shortly, i uploded any image, any size, the problem is the same. https://prnt.sc/hi71gc https://prnt.sc/hi7499 Somebody can help me? :) Thanks a lot!