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  1. Thanks for your excellent plugin. I install the shortcode plugin at my stie, the shortcode in the backend works fine, but it can not show up in the frontent, pls see this URL: [bt_iconbox style="icon-inleft-square" title="Payment Method" title_color="#9b2c25" icon="icon:plus-square" icon_size="20" font_size="12" text_color="#c8c8c8"]The sample text, but they cannot show up in the front end[/bt_iconbox] [bt_button style="btn4" size="20" color="#FFFFFF" text_shadow="0 2px 2px #b8b8b8" background="#2D89EF" box_shadow="0 3px 3px #b8b8b8" wide="no" center="yes" border="none" radius="3" icon="icon:arrow-circle-right" icon_color="#ffffff" target="_self"]Button text[/bt_button] [bt_heading style="default" heading_text="This is heading" target="_blank" heading_tag="h3" sub_text="test heading" sub_text_size="14" align="left"]kasjdlfjal Test[/bt_heading] Could you please help me check what the problem is. I have a test site, the shortcode works well, Thank you so much for your help. Colin Chan