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  1. May we misunderstood each other. I want this tab menu always show on top when you scroll down the web page. I've tried to use CSS code position: fixed but not successful ! Could you give me a help admin ?
  2. Hello Tam Pham! I've followed your instructions but your url don't like this. My url: public_html/templates/bt_property/html/com_bt_property/default/layout/detail
  3. who can help me!!! :(
  4. How do this Tab always display on top?
  5. thank u so much
  6. some img on website are blured. link http://datxanhgroups.vn/can-ho/c-n-ha-ang-ba-n/sky9.html
  7. Images of the bt property component too lage so it hides infomation in the bottom . How can i to do resize it?
  8. Rất xin lỗi vì tôi dùng tiếng việt! Mọi người ai có thể giúp tôi chuyển giao diện của component này về dạng menu như demo http://demo.bowthemes.com/bt-property/bt-property/grid-listing/flat/gorgeous-farm-house được không?