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  1. Hi there I have been using Images (login/register) to send people to the default Joomla Login page (index.php?option=com_users&view=login) and registration (index.php?option=com_users&view=registration) pages respectively. There are also some modules (like kunena and others) that are also using these logins. I am NOT using the login module on the pages at all. I have purchased BT Social Login and went through the whole process registering the API's for Facebook, twitter, Google+ . I followed the instructions included in the PDf that came with it, by making sure all the settings are correct. I originally chose "Modal" but a popup login showed up in the middle of my site (way down the page) and without social icons, so I switched to "dropdown". the social login is published, but I am still seeing the basic/original Joomla login only. Also, now that I have BT Social Login "published" I cannot login with the basic login page anymore like before? After clicking the 'enter" button I am redirected to a blank page and not logged in. before it re-directed me to my "user info/profile" by default. Here is what I am asking, First how do you choose BT Social Login as the default Login (rather then the builtin Joomla one). Also, how do i direct-Link to the Social Login form or get the BT Social Login to popup at the top or middle of my screen (rather then havingb to scroll down to the middle of the site). I currently use Joomla as a backend to my main website, so all the pages are usually frames within my main site (see for what I mean). I need to first, get my login/registration working again, and 2nd change all Login and register links to popup the new BT Social Login instead. I hope this isn't too much and I make sense here lol. Thanks for your help.