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  1. Hi, We've been using BT Social Share on 2 websites since july 2017. On one of them it was installed and functioning correctly at first, but then it didn't work so well and the name of the K2 articles stopped appearing on FB share dialog (we don't use this website so much so we just postponed the problem). On the second website, the plugin has been working flawlessly and without any reservations... until today! The same problem of the first website is now happening on the second (the article's title don't show on FB share dialog, only the category of the article appears). This problem is only happening with new articles, since the other we have shared so far are still being debbuged correctly. We are not sure if this is a K2 or Facebook conflict, but something has changed and now we are desperate since we cannot, for instance, share a news article with name "news" (nobody will read it!). So, the question is: Do you know why this is happening? Is there a way to fix it? A paid version of BT Social Share? Please help us here :/ Example of article not sharing correctly: