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  1. Happy that the solution worked! I don't think any updates are made. As far as I see, the forum is just there for bt property users helping each other...
  2. Added '' as further explained in the link posted 2 messages above. Problem was solved!
  3. In this file: ../administrator/components/com_bt_property/views/property/tmpl/edit.php line 147 difference is '' (two single ', I don't remember if I removed or added it, sorry). <?php echo JHtml::_('sliders.panel', JText::_('COM_BT_PROPERTY_CONFIG_CUSTOM_SIZE_LABEL')); ?> <?php echo JHtml::_('sliders.panel', JText::_('COM_BT_PROPERTY_CONFIG_CUSTOM_SIZE_LABEL'),''); ?>
  4. Hello, I had this problem too, just two months ago. The solution is in this link on another forum (the template one): It worked well for me!
  5. [SOLVED] I'm communicating with myself. But for anyone else having this issue: it is repaired. Had to do with setting limits in options > agent options. First I thought it was wise to put high number in the LIMIT PROPERTY SETTINGS. This appeared to be wrong. Once I put everything on 0 again, I could add from the back end without problems.
  6. Hello Brijesh, I'm not exactly a specialist... quite new in bt property. But on my site the slides work fine. I also removed the text through the images. Not sure if it will help you, but this is what I did: - go to bt property control panel - on the right there is an icon options, click there - two relevant tabs > picture underneath how I have the 'slideshow configuration', and on the other tab 'advanced' it is important to have loaded all the libraries listed. Does this help?
  7. Hello, I'm curious if there is still a moderator for this forum. Saw that tronghm last visited March 2016. Anybody who knows about this? Regards, Anne
  8. The problem on the back end still exists, but from the front end it is easy to add properties. Still curious if anybody else has had this COM_BT_PROPERTY_LIMITED_PROPERTY_NOTICE ...
  9. Hoosoohoo, if you are still there.... Indeed you can change the existing feature list of airconditioning, internet etc, in the component BT Properties on the backside under 'Extra Fields'. First delete the existing ones, then start to add the features you need in your own language. In my site it worked. If you want to see them on the front end, you have to make those features 'featured' (star). For me, it bilingual works bilingual now. In the first language (English) I kept the ones under 'Edit Extra Field' on 'show on submit'. The features I use for Dutch are not shown on submit. This will mean that I have both languages, but only English for adding on the front end. And for the Dutch part I add properties on the back end. Anne
  10. Just to let people know, I intend to translate into Dutch. Will post the files when ready... For Hoosoohoo: in the 'extra fields' menu of BT Property you could simply delete the existing features (the ones that you mention) and make new ones in your own language. But this would only work if your site is in one language. I'm trying bilingual. Will let you know once I found out in which ini file to do this. regards, Anne
  11. Hello, it is Anne again. Just for other people who might experience the same problem: there is a way to work around it. The problem of not saving a newly added property with COM_BT_PROPERTY_LIMITED_PROPERTY_NOTICE occurs when entering a property from the backend. (I haven't tried from the front yet.) The reason is still completely unclear, it would be really nice if someone can tell me why this happens. But if anybody else recognizes the problem: save an existing property under a different alias by "save as copy". From there, you can enter all the details of the new property.
  12. Hello all, I'm having a very strange issue. BT Properties worked really fine and I am very happy with this component. But today I could suddenly not add any property anymore. I have no idea what it can be. The message after saving a new one tells first: Error. Save failed with the following error: And then: Notice COM_BT_PROPERTY_LIMITED_PROPERTY_NOTICE Would anybody know what is happening? I have only put 5 properties online, so the limit will probably be not the amount of those. Would be really grateful to hear from you. Thanks, Anne