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  1. Hi there! Where I should type google map api key ? It seems I do something wrong(
  2. Problem is solved Need to change file /components/com_bt_property/controllers/agent.php Search for function sendmsg() { And change all code to function sendmsg() { JRequest::checkToken() or jexit('Invalid Token'); $app = JFactory::getApplication(); $agent = JUser::getTable(); $agent->load($app->input->getInt('agent_id')); $name = $app->input->getString('name'); $email = $app->input->getString('email'); $phone = $app->input->getString('phone'); $content = $app->input->getString('content'); $referrer = $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'] ? 'This Form was submitted from: ' . $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'] : ''; if($agent->email){ $config = JFactory::getConfig(); $emailSubject = 'Agent Enquiry - Complete Home Realty'; $emailBody = "$agent->name $name $email $phone $content $referrer"; $send = JFactory::getMailer()->sendMail($config->get('mailfrom'), $config->get('fromname'), $agent->email, $emailSubject, $emailBody); } if($send){ $msg= JTEXT::_('COM_BT_PROPERTY_SEND_MESSAGE_AGENT_SUCCESS'); }else{ $msg= JTEXT::_('COM_BT_PROPERTY_SEND_MESSAGE_AGENT_FAIL'); } $return_url = base64_decode(JRequest::getVar('return','')); if($return_url){ $this->setRedirect($return_url, $msg); }else{ $this->setRedirect(JRoute::_('index.php'), $msg); } } } Now form works! If you need to add aditional mail Search for: $send = JFactory::getMailer()->sendMail($config->get('mailfrom'), $config->get('fromname'), $agent->email, $emailSubject, $emailBody); And change it to: $send = JFactory::getMailer()->sendMail($config->get('mailfrom'), $config->get('fromname'), $agent->email, $emailSubject, $emailBody, false, 'your_client_email_here'); Best Regardz
  3. I receive this message after sending ... Notice Empty message body × Message Thank you for your message! Collided with this?