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  1. Hi. Anybody solve this problem? I found in helper.php string: $price = number_format($price, $params->get('decimal', 2), $params->get('decimal_symbol', '.'), $params->get('thousands_sep', ',')); return str_replace(array('000','$'), array($price,$currency), $priceFormat) . ($priceTime ? '/' . JTEXT::_($priceTime) : ''); But what's next? Where from JTEXT::_($priceTime) take the value? As an option, I can change this text with the one I need, but it is bed solution((
  2. Hi, I have same problem. When sending comment, I get "Invalid Token". But your solution not working for me. BT Property Component 3.0.3 Joomla 3.6.5 Template BT Zoner