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  1. Hi, I've installed BT CONTENT SLIDER MODULE VERSION 2.3.1 with my joomla website, and i want to slide my articles as vertically from different categories and one article from each category in each slide horizontally, but its not happening. its slided horizontally but all contents appeared in only one (First) slide and next slide has blank. so Please any body guide to my how i can do this. my website url is : www.aryavartanews.com
  2. Hi, I have also the same problem, i have installed "mod_bt_login_j2.5&j3.0_j2.5_v2.5.5" Over "T3 Blank Template" in my joomla website, But The captcha not showing under the Registration Tab. I have configured it accordingly its documentations and instructions but i can't understand what is the problem. Under their Settings the Default Captcha settings are also not appeared. If any body have any solutions please assist me. Thanks a Lot
  3. Hi, I want to use BT_Login with T3 Blank Template, but the captcha is not displaying at the registration tab, i cant find my mistakes, please any body assist me to resolve this issues. Thanks
  4. Hi, I want to remove "com_adduserfrontend" component, Please anybody assist me. Already attached screen shot with red circle marking
  5. Hi, i install BT Magazine theme, and successfully installed, bu in site, it displayed an error and a warning massages like " Warning Error loading component: com_community, Component not found " & " Error reCAPTCHA plugin needs a site key to be set in its parameters. Please contact a site administrator. " can any body help me to resolve this issues?
  6. Hi I am trying to install BT Magazine quickstart with "bt_magazine_quickstart_j!3.0_v1.0" on wamp and can not get passed the continous progress bar after the first screen , Please help.