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  1. Hi, I have also the same problem, i have installed "mod_bt_login_j2.5&j3.0_j2.5_v2.5.5" Over "T3 Blank Template" in my joomla website, But The captcha not showing under the Registration Tab. I have configured it accordingly its documentations and instructions but i can't understand what is the problem. Under their Settings the Default Captcha settings are also not appeared. If any body have any solutions please assist me. Thanks a Lot
  2. Hi, I want to use BT_Login with T3 Blank Template, but the captcha is not displaying at the registration tab, i cant find my mistakes, please any body assist me to resolve this issues. Thanks
  3. Hi, I want to remove "com_adduserfrontend" component, Please anybody assist me. Already attached screen shot with red circle marking
  4. Hi, i install BT Magazine theme, and successfully installed, bu in site, it displayed an error and a warning massages like " Warning Error loading component: com_community, Component not found " & " Error reCAPTCHA plugin needs a site key to be set in its parameters. Please contact a site administrator. " can any body help me to resolve this issues?
  5. Hi I am trying to install BT Magazine quickstart with "bt_magazine_quickstart_j!3.0_v1.0" on wamp and can not get passed the continous progress bar after the first screen , Please help.