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  1. I would like to enter the agent's name and photo in the property showcase (carousel-small). It is possible to do it but I don't know how. Could anyone help me?
  2. I have recently finished a website, where I changed the php, from 7.1 I went to 7.2, as reported by joomla. but now I find this error:Warning: count (): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable in /web/htdocs/ ... tegory.php on line 104I opened the file and at line 104 I find myself: if (!count($array['extra_fields'])) { $array['extra_fields'] = ","; } its a syntax error? or what?for the moment I have limited myself to removing the display, but if I can, I would like to resolve the error. Thanks in advance.
  3. I inserted a dropdown field in the extra-fields in which I put the energy classes A4, A3, A2 .... G. I would like to assign a different class for each value. in the search filter I solved using this command ".ex-classeenergetica select [value = 'B']" going to change the value of value. but if I want to assign a different class for each value in the showcase module I can't do it because it doesn't take the same syntax. do you have any idea how to do it?
  4. I read in the manual that it is possible to use openstreetmaps instead of google maps, but I can't understand how to do it. I see in the options related to the location where you have to insert the google map api key but for openstreetmaps what should I do? could you explain it step by step?
  5. i've the same problem.....u have a solution?
  6. During export properties or other files....the service generated a error Ajax : "There is AJAX error". u can help me?
  7. the template its based to Helix 3 framework and i think its that....because with the template Protostar its u have an idea to solve that problem?
  8. dears, great component but i ve a problem. i put in the HOME-PAGE 2 module property showcase in different position, the first work but the second it doesn't. it charging.....the image its that is u know why ?
  9. Now when i click on button registration (i put the users component in the integrated component) start the joomla registration form in the home page. Its possible to change the page? or change the template?