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  1. I'm using some div statements to generate columnar formatting in articles. The corresponding code looks like: <div class="grid-layout"> <div>Column 1 content</div> <div>Column 2 content</div> </div> That shows up fine in the slider as long as the first column contains text, when it only contains a plugin call like (a photo gallery): <div class="grid-layout"> <div>{igallery id=7617|cid=1142|pid=8|type=category|children=0|addlinks=0|tags=|limit=0}</div> <div>Column 2 content</div> </div> The slider shows some 'rubbish' instead of the gallery, like: //make arrays and classes for the category: tarzanparcours (id= 1142) jQuery(document) .... I wouldn't mind if the gallery isn't shown at all, it's just the rubbish text that is bothering me. Any suggestions ?
  2. Hi, If I use code like e.g. {igallery id=5893|cid=1121|pid=8|type=category|children=0|addlinks=0|tags=|limit=0} in my article, the slider shows some text like: /make arrays and classes for the category: <name> (id= 983) jQuery(document)..... Is there a way to get rid of this ?