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  1. I figured out the error and have corrected the problem.
  2. I'm using 5.0.9 version and template Kunena "Crypsisb3" in the project's website. Currently I have a problem of conflict javascript "jquery.simplemodal.js" for BT Social Login. Whenever i visit any one category of Kunena forum shall appear a translucent window and any forced to close it "Image attachment" I have Kunena update to a newer version but also does not resolve the problem But when I disable java "jquery.simplemodal.js" then the program runs good but BT Social Login does not work. I ask is there any way to exclude "jquery.simplemodal.js" when accessing the Kunena forum that retains "jquery.simplemodal.js" BT Social Login segment So look forward to getting your comments help people, I sincerely thank you!