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  1. Hi! Our technical support give you a solution for your errors. please check your ticket support! Regards,
  2. Hi Lori! First, thank you for purchasing our extensions and I am so sorry about your support problems. But I have checked your order and you purchased it 2 days ago. Second, I am sorry but I did not received your email. Could you send me your ticket Url? We are not working at weekend so it's reason because you did not get our support services. But don't worry, I am sure your problems will be solve tomorrow. Regards. Daniel Trinh
  3. Hi! I am so sorry about your problems. Could you give me your ticket url, I will check and solve your problems tomorrow morning. I am sorry but now is 9PM my time and our staff have been gone out office. Your problem will be solved tomorrow morning. Regards, Daniel
  4. Hi! Thank you for interesting in our extensions. I don't know what is link you downloaded but Please make sure you download it from our official website. Please log-in to your account and go to the link : and click to download icon. DON"T download our extensions from other website because it's not official product. Regards, Daniel Trinh
  5. Hello! Thank you for purchasing our membership. I am sorry for your problems, this is my mistake. You can download User Manual for BT Game template at : (Please remember log-in first) If you have any questions, please create an ticket or topic forum. We are always here to help you. Regards,
  6. Hi! You can try search on our forum here : Regards, Bowthemes
  7. Hi! Please download the attachment to get T3 Framework plugin and then install to your website. Read our ducument to more detail. Thanks and Regards, Bowthemes
  8. Hi Jonny! Please log-in to bowthemes and then go to the Your download page. Click to the download icon beside BT Photography templates and select the file ( to download psd files. Could you send me your url, I will give me an advice, If you build a new website, I recommended you install our quick start package instead of templates file. Regards, Bowthemes
  9. Hi Jonny! I am sorry about your problems. You have been purchased our template at themeforest, so we must change your account group to download upgrade version and post the question to our forum support and ticket support. We have done now. About your problems, could you send me your url and joomla super user account via email ( We will check and fix it for you asap! Regards, Daniel Trinh
  10. Hi Jennifer! Firstly, I am sorry because reply you late. We are have a long period holiday from Feb. 7 to Feb. 16 and That’s why we will reply your message within 24 -48 hours. About your problems, Virtuemart component has been installed and have data sample (categories, products...) if you install the our quickstart package. If you install the our template only, you should install the virtuemart. If you build a new website from nothing, we recommended you use our quickstart package instead of template only. About Virtuemart component, we can not give you an instruction from A - Z because have lot of problems, you can read more about this component at : . If you have any questions about this component, you can post your questions, we will reply asap! Regards, Bowthemes
  11. Hi! This is module position of BT Arise : Please download and read our user manual for more details. Regards, Bowthemes
  12. If you want create a website as our demo, please use our Quick start package instead of use our templates zip file. Please read our tutorial to know how to install the quick start package :
  13. Hi Andrew! I am sorry about the inconvenience. Please check your spam box, may be our email moved in to this folder. I have been activated your account(username is atodd). Now, you can log in to our website. Thanks and Regards, BowThemes
  14. Hi! I am sorry, We've changed something in our forum support and some url missing. Please check it at :
  15. Hi Brandon! Could you send me your url and Joomla super user account. I will check it and fix it for you asap!