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  1. When using the contact form this message keeps appearing; Geocode was not successful for the following reason: ZERO_RESULTS Any ideas?
  2. There is a problem where the featured article is duplicating itself and showing twice on the front page, I have tried to find the problem but cannot seem to sort it out, I need to have a solution soon as I am going live on the 9th Jan 2012, see attached screenshot
  3. All sorted now, thanks guys.
  4. Nope, just added the link and woosh the icons disappeared.
  5. Guys, you have a great product but man there are too many bugs for this template to be live. :oops:
  6. When you add the link to the social connect with us for facebook and twitter, the icons disappear!! :S
  7. It is ok, manage to do it
  8. Sorry I am not advanced enough to know which is the correct path, I am a simple shop owner
  9. Thanks for that, how do I install it as it wont recognise it without the xml file?
  10. and the screen on the front end is black. I have re-added the images and the slider screen is still black! See attached screenshots of frontend and backend :sick:
  11. Re-installed the slider, now when adding images the and saving the images disappear, when I add the images again they appear twice! :ohmy:
  12. I am using the version that came with the starter pack
  13. When I try to hide the captions it keeps going to bottom positiion
  14. Anyone able to help as I need to get my site up and running but cannot do until this is fixed! :angry:
  15. Thanks guys, much appreciated for the fast response. :woohoo: Is the header logo a fixed size or can this be changed in the admin backend or must I change it in the css file? :S