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  1. I juts upgrade my site from 1.7 to 2.5 using bt arise template and it work fine to me, there is no problem i found, so it means bt arise competible with 2.5
  2. plugins>system>jat3>jat3>base-themes>default>images>... you should be sow the ico
  3. Try copy Jat3>jat3>base-theme>defauld to bt arise template folder, hope it work
  4. I just upgrade my site from 1.7 to 2.5 with using Bt Arise and its work fine, no problen. So i think you should try your self on your local host.
  5. Check it here : http://magazine.joomla.org/issues/Issue-Aug-2011/item/526-Download-the-Joomla-1-7-Beginners-Guide-and-save-money Hope it work for you :D
  6. Check it here : http://magazine.joomla.org/issues/Issue-Aug-2011/item/526-Download-the-Joomla-1-7-Beginners-Guide-and-save-money
  7. Hi...tampt Thank you so much for answering my nube questions, also for your email to me. You was success solved my problem, it was great... you're the best.. :woohoo: You're exactly right, the module positions very precisely as I want. you're very helper, i would like to thank you so much for your time to help I do hope you will success with "bowthemes"... success and good bless for all of your team!. Problem solved!. :cheer: Thank you so much. 2.Position 3, was perfect but the tittle not showing. position3 Please change style="jaraw" -> style="xhtml" to show title for module position3. Wish you success :)
  8. Hi.. tampt. Thank you so much for your reply. Unfortunately my site is still in local host, not live yet cause some extension not support for 1.7 (this my problem at this time). So the template i'v test it on local host and add some modul position while waiting extension support for 1.7. I also try found someone to help me to upgrade 1 booking plugin from 1.5 to 1.7, but till this time i couldn't find, this is my important plugin. I ready to pay fot updagrade the extension (if you interest to uprade, you can email me). So im sorry for the site, i couldn't make it yet live. i want to make "position1 and position2" same as position "user6" and "user7", i means side by site. i was try to make a copy the css code user6-7 but not working :lol: . for position3 its ok, no problem, i can use a modul so solve the tittle. Anyway thank you very much for reply and i apologize for my nube question. Im still looking for help.. :) Thanks
  9. Hi... I was success add the new position but i couldn't implement it with css. i was add : position1, position2, position3, Positon 1, 2 should be side by side. Position 3, was perfect but the tittle not showing. Im still nube on making site, after 1 day try to implement with css, i'v give up i couldn't implement it. So i want to ask could you please to help to made the css as i want?... Here the sample i was made : [attachment=51]Untitled-1.png[/attachment] Thanks before.
  10. Hi.. tampt.. Thank you so much for your fast respond. Ok will try it. If i got problem i will inform you. Thanks
  11. Hi.... I was falling in love with this template, thanks for develop the tempalte. :cheer: I just want to know how can add more position under Content?... I want to add 3 modul posisition under the content. I plant won't use "position-5" Attached the illustration. [attachment=46]new_position.png[/attachment] Thank you for your kind assist and attention
  12. Hi... Thank you so much for your reply. I i was try to put wrong address and the message "Geocode was not successful for the following reason: ZERO_RESULTS" still appear. The site was build in progress, you may check it direct to : http://www.toli-oceanmarinepark.co.cc/ This is volunteers Conservation, i made web for them to help and give them spirit. Another option is there any ways to not include the map?.. Thanks
  13. Just test it as you say and when i open Contact Us menu i found message like this : "Geocode was not successful for the following reason: ZERO_RESULTS" So what is that means?.... Maps not showing. Thanks
  14. Hi... Thank for reply. Ok will try it. Could you please to inform me step how to do it at article K2?... Thanks
  15. Hi... Im new in J1.7 and i was try the template at local host. I found something really interest to me, im really like it. how you can add the info map at Contact?... and can it add to article both in joomla and K2?... Thanks before.