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  1. I installed fresh Joomla 1.7.3 and BT Arise template. I did installed Jat3 framework too. the site work. but the BT login module 1.0 still doesn't work, i tried installed bt login 1.1 doesn't work too. The BT Login will work great without any problem IF i Published Joomla Default Login Module on all page. Please point me what am i missing something to make BT Login module work without publishing Joomla default login module ? best regard
  2. This template has some conflict script ... i guess Login module not working if you not publish default joomla login module. So wtf we got two module in a page? what for joomla default login module while we have BT_login module ? why bt_login_module will work only when we publish joomla default login module ?
  3. I wish this theme include ajax search module integrated. I see this feature at all yootheme template. We use default search module but it automatically turn to ajax search without any additional module to install. i hope you understand my english