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  1. Hi I have a site with Joomla 2.5.28 and BT Arise template. My problem is in this page:یادداشت-ها-و-مصاحبه-ها/مصاحبه-ها?start=4 The Right Menu has been moved to bottom of page. How can I fix this problem?
  2. Hi I have the BT Arise template on my Joomla 2.5.28 Site. This is My problem: After filling registration form and click submit button (or in login module, when a user enter a wrong password and click login button), it redirects to this page: http://my_site_url/component/users/?view=login and display this error: 500 - JHtmlBehavior: :formvalidator not supported. How can I fix it? My Site Registration Page is: In Joomla default templates (atomic, beez 20 and beez 5), every thing is OK and I have this error just in BT Arise. Thank you
  3. And what about my problem?!! The topic was drawn to diversion. For Mr Sabbagh: آقای صباغ عزیز، برادر تاپیک رو به انحراف کشیدی. سوال من بی جواب موند. این رسمش نیست آخه. یه تاپیک جدید برای سوالت باز کن. من حدود ده روزه منتظر جوابم، بعد شما یه دفعه میای بحث رو به انحراف میکشی.
  4. Why you posted in this topic?! Please open a new topic for your problem, Agha Mehdi!!!
  5. Hi Thank you for your reply I add this line to the bottom of my template.css file: .menufa > .childcontent{margin-right: -67px !important;} And add "menufa" to "Additional class" field in "Parameters (JA Extended)". But it didn't work. :( Instead of it, I add this code to field "Submenu Width" in "Parameters (JA Extended)": 640px; margin-right:-67px; and it worked!!! I add the same codes with different values to other menu Items. You can see the result in: But now the problem is that in resolution "1024x768", the last two menu items that have sub-menu, not show properly: Resolution 1280x1024: Resolution 1024x768:
  6. 5 days passed and still no one answered. Whatever I tried, I could not solve the problem, I need your help please
  7. Hi I want to define a particular css style to each submenu group. I want to add: margin-right: -70 px to 1st submenu group margin-right: -126 px to 2nd submenu group margin-right: -177 px to 3rd submenu group . . . and all the submenus have 640px width (This is easily executable in "Parameters (JA Extended)" in Menu Item Edit Page). As a result, I want to have a menu like these pictures: I found "Additional class" field in "Parameters (JA Extended)": How can I use this "Additional class" to do what I want? My site Url: Thank you
  8. Hi Thank you so much for your help When I put a module in "slideshow position" and I set the "show module title" parameter to "Show" in module manager, The module title does not show in that position in front-end. How can I solve this issue please? Thank you again
  9. Thank you I think you checked it in IE10 and in developers tool. But in real IE8 there is the problem that I said. :( I checked it in many systems with Win XP and 7. and another problem, in IE8 the width of site is not 99%, while I set it 99% in template parameters. In chrome and Firefox it works properly. :mellow: I hate IE Browsers!
  10. 1&2- I created a new menu: managers and then I created 8 menu items for that 8 articles which bt content slider should render. But the problem is still exist. I used this module in many sites before, but this is the the first time that I have such a problem :(
  11. Hi Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooo much! I can not compensate your kindness 1 & 2- I described the problem in this picture 4- (Not 3 :D) I know that IE8 doesn't accept rgba background colors. I mean the numbers don't display proper in IE8. 5- Thank you for this solution. I'll try it. 6- What about this problem: 7- The problem with rtl solved. thank you. Thank you again so much.
  12. Very very thank you for your help. About problem 4: in Firefox and Chrome: And in IE8: Also I tested in IE10 with IE Tester and There is still the problem. the customer also wants to run the site in IE8. Thank you again
  13. Thank you I sent you a private message.
  14. Hi Thank you so much 1- I made this change, but now the background of all pages is removed. I want it just in home page. In template settings, there is a option to hide content block, If this option affect just home page, the problem will resolve. 2- This solution worked. Thank you. 3- I'm so sorry, I forgot to enter my email in contact settings! Shame on me! 4- But how can I resolve this problem: Thank you again so much