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  1. Hey Bowthemes, I would like if you in the future could add the functionality of being able to specify a path for a folder inside your Joomla root with pictures, instead of now, where you either have to drag & drop images (I've tried dragging like 40 images at a time, that's not working at all) or select one at a time. Hope you'll consider it some time in the future :) Many thanks, Martin
  2. Hey Michaelalexander, If you haven't done already, you should try and check this topic out:, where there is given a few suggestions to what can do to try and fix the issue. Try and see if there is any updates available for your browser and if not, try with a different browser to see if that would work instead. Martin
  3. Hey Dan, That's very good to hear :) Many thanks to the Bow Themes team for fixing this bug :) Martin
  4. As my site is on a localhost atm, I can't give you a link to see, but I've attached a SS of how it looks. (I've erased the footer information that the last slide is overlapping, so that's why there is a white line at the bottom) It's looking very similar to yours except I actually got an extra black box. Martin
  5. I just tried that, with having 2 different slideshows running on one page and that didn't work well. One of them showed, but the other was just black, so it might be a general problem with the module that it's not possible to display it more than once per article. Martin
  6. Hey Myeximiustech, It's a very simple process. In the BT slideshow that you want placed in your article, your first step is to go and edit it's position manually to an unique position, that's not used by any other module on your webpage, for instance "article1". I've attached a screenshot aswell, so you can see where to change it. Then in your article you just write {loadposition article1}, and the slideshow should appear in your article. Martin
  7. Hey Kdubdev, Perhaps you should try and download the newest version of BT Slideshow 1.1.1, and perhaps even update your Joomla version aswell, cause I'm running BT Slideshow 1.1.1 on Joomla 1.24 and it's working great :) I did have the same problem as the original poster, that there wasnt' a dropdown box available to select it's position, however I could just click on the field and type in the name of the position instead. Martin
  8. Hey Admin, Thanks alot for your help, I hadn't really thought about looking in the template css file, but I managed to find the thing that was causing the border to appear and now it's all perfect :) Thanks alot for the awesome support :) Best regards, Martin
  9. Hey again Admin, At the moment the site is still on a local xampp server, so I can send you the url, but I could send you the css files if you wanted. I've also attached a screenshot where the blue painting is marking the border, that I would like the picture to fill, and for the thumbnails, it's the red painting, that shows up when the thumbnail is active. I would like to remove that if possible :) Thanks again for your help :) Best regards Martin
  10. Hey Admin, Thanks alot for your reply. I've got no problem finding the css file, but I do have some issues with the code I have to insert. It's this line I have to change right: .box_skitter .info_slide_thumb {-moz-border-radius:0;-webkit-border-radius:0;border-radius:0;overflow:hidden;top:auto;bottom:-5px;left:-5px;padding:5px;opacity:1.0;} But I can't find any track of background here. I've tried deleting some of the code and inserting background:transparent, but it still doesn't seem to remove the gray border. Thanks alot for your help :) Best regards Martin
  11. Hey, First of all, thanks for a great extension :) The issue I'm having is that I would like to remove the gray area / border around images and thumbnails, so that the images fill out the space instead. Is there an easy way to remove that gray border? Thanks in advance :) Best regards Martin