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  1. I want a vertical article scroller like this: See the online demo of another module: Open this URL, look at the "News Scroller Demo" at bottom left. I tried to make such a scroller with BT Content Slider, but it can not do this. Could you please improve this module to do it? Thank you.
  2. I am using v2.6.4 of BT Login module. Recently my website start to use SSL certificate, so all visitors and registered members will visit our website with HTTPS protocol. However, I did not find any option about "encrypt the form data" or "submit encrypted data" or "encrypt login form" in the settings of this module. Could you please add such an option? Thank you.
  3. Today I tried BT Login v2.6.4, it seems that this version has fixed that "pop-up conflict" issue. Thank you.
  4. One month later, still in plan?
  5. Any progress on this ? Thank you.
  6. Sorry my Emerald form was configured to be shown only to "Special" user group. You can not see it on my live website if you are not a member of that user group. That is Ok I can wait for another week till you solve this problem perfectly. Thank you.
  7. I followed your instructions to upload an extra poster image for existing video media item. Then , there only show the poster image at the left side of backend editing page. I can not see that video there. I think this may cause some confusion, users may worry that the video media was replaced by the image? Why not just show these two media items one after one at the left side of editing page? Thank you.
  8. Since BT Media Gallery can not generate thumbnail image for local video, why not add a new field "poster image/thumbnail image" for each video so that the user can upload thumbnail image himself?
  9. It seems that BT Media Gallery does not support "adding video by embeding code" method. Then, how to add videos from other website besides Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook and Flickr ? For example, now I want to add videos from, which is the largest video sharing website in China. But I can not do it. Could you please add support for ? Thank you.
  10. Well, I got an idea: It seems that Emerald shows the pop-up dialogue based on the Bootstrap itself. Maybe BT Login can also make use of the Bootstrap pop-up function. Since some user may not use Bootstrap template, you can make it as an option. For example, add a new setting: Please select your pop-up mothod: 1. simplemodal.js from BT Login module 2. Bootstrap from my template If the user choose 2, then that simplemodal.js file will not be loaded, and BT Login will show the pop-up login form based on Bootstrap. Do you think this will solve the conflicts? Thank you.
  11. Today I tested that patch on my live website, it does NOT work for me. Though the BT Login form can pop-up, but the expected pop-up of Emerald did not show up. Hope you official team will pay enough attention to this issue and solve it in a beter way. Thank you.
  12. Thank you tronghm, I had downloaded that patch, I will try it later today. Well, you already knew this issue, why you did not work out a "perfect solution"? Maybe just implement that patch to current intall package? Anyway, hope this patch will work for me. Thank you.
  13. When I testing with Emerald 9, I noticed an issue that the BT Login module v2.6.3 will interfere with the pop-up function of Emerald component. Then I posted this issue on Emerald forum , at last, they found out that this is a bug of BT Login: Even if I choose "No" for the "load jQuery" option of your module, it still loads the file jquery.simplemodal.js, which will conflict with Bootstrap. It seems that you need to imporve your code in BT Login module to solve this problem. See discussion on this issue at Emerald Forum.
  14. Since I want new users use the Joomla default registration form to create their user account, I disabled the "Registration Tab" of BT Login module. However, then the "regisration new account" link on the Login Form (just above the username filed) of BT Login also disappeard! This is a bad idea. Why hide the registration link on the login form? If so, how can the new guest visitor find out the registration page? I also suggest to allow admin input custom URL for this registration link on the login form, since some admin uses other regisration system than the Joomla default com_users. Hope you will fix this bug. Thank you.
  15. There is another famous media gallery component for Joomla, named HWDMediaShare ( ). But that component is very expensive. I noticed that BT Media Gallery is a good replacement for HWDMediaShare. However, I had some videos already managed by HWDMediaShare. I don't want to manually add them one after one to BT Media Gallery again. Is it possible to add a new option/feature to BT Media Gallery component so that it can import media from HWDMediaShare ? Thank you.