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  1. Using a different editor didn't work. I tried CodeMirror, None, and TinyMCE and still is happening. Any other suggestions?
  2. I am using JCE Editor. Is this a known issue? I'll change editors later when I get to the office and will report my findings. Thanks!
  3. I am unable to register new users on my site's frontend. I receive an error when new user information is submitted. Calendar.setup: Nothing to setup (no fields found). Please check your code I don't think it's the BT Login Module because the same result happens with the regular Joomla login module. Currently, I have both modules enabled. I have tried using each by themselves and the same error happens. I have turned on debugging mode on my website. If anyone out there has experience with this issue and can tell me how to correct it, I would really appreciate it. I don't want to kill the whole site and start over, but I'm getting close to doing that because this site is useless to me unless I can it to where people can register on their own. Thanks! J
  4. I'm having two issues. 1). I'm having this problem with the BT Login Module going behind the caption on the BT Slideshow. 2). The forward and back arrows on the BT Slideshow can't be clicked when behind the caption. Thanks for your help!
  5. Ok... everything works when I have the BT Slideshow V.1.0 loaded but when I update to V.1.2, the BT Login Module doesn't work. Also, I noticed with v.1.0, the login module would go behind the caption when I had the caption loaded on the right. How do I resolve that? Right now 1.2 is loaded on the page. Let me know if you want me to reload 1.0 so you can diagnose.
  6. My problem is, I have installed version 1.2 of the BT Slideshow and the option to select the jquery version has been taken out. I have tried uninstalling the slideshow and purging the cache in the system and then install version 1.0 of the original slideshow module. It doesn't work. Still has the 1.2 options (see picture). [attachment=84]slideshowoptions.PNG[/attachment] With the module not loading, I can definitely get it to work... although it looks like my registration is having a different problem. I'm getting a different error with new registrants. (If you have a solution to this too I'd appreciate the help getting it sorted out.) Is there another way I can go about disabling jquery in the code or is there a different panel I need to go to? Thanks to everyone in advance
  7. Republished the BT Login Module and took the Joomla one down.
  8. Nevermind on the red. Made the necessary modifications and now have red as an option.
  9. Do you have an Adobe Photoshop file or editable Adobe Fireworks PNG that we can use to create alternative colors of the background? I would like to make a RED version. Thanks!
  10. My BT Login Module is loaded on all pages. On the main homepage, it doesn't work, but on the other pages it will work. I went ahead and posted the Joomla Login Form in the position-7 so I can login from the main page. For some reason, I get errors sometimes when logging in and new users can't register themselves anymore. It worked Monday but now it doesn't. Says there is an error. Thanks for any help you can give!
  11. I have the latest slideshow module installed and I don't see that option. Did I lose the ability to change this after installing the latest update?
  12. Noticed that when I change the profile to the blue profile, there are some white blocks that show up whereas in the other profiles, the same white section spans across the page. Is there something missing in the css to repeat-x for the block? Is this going to be fixed on a future update to the template? Can I also make a request for adding RED as another possible profile? See the pictures below for comparison. Thanks - J
  13. I watched your latest YouTube video on BT Login and saw when the user uploaded the login module the folders that were listed for extensions that aren't yet available for download. Didn't know if anyone there could privy us to the estimated date of arrival for these features? [ul] [li]BT Accordion Menu[/li] [li]BT Images Gallery[/li] [li]BT Content Slider - (Slideshow was listed too, so I know this isn't the same thing.)[/li] [li]BT Twitter[/li] [/ul] See attachment for screenshot of the menu. Thanks!