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  1. Hello guy, I need your account FTP to check code. Could you send it to me on your ticket? Best regards,
  2. Hello guy, 1. To move the bt_search module over bt_slider. Please go to file: ../templates/bt_property/index.php swap two block: <?php if($this->countModules('bt_search')){?> <div class="horizontal-search"> <div class="search-box-wrapper"> <div class="search-box-inner"> <div class="container"> <div class="search-box map"> <jdoc:include type="modules" name="bt_search" style="xhtml" /> </div><!-- /.search-box.map --> </div><!-- /.container --> </div><!-- /.search-box-inner --> <div class="background-image"></div> </div> </div> <?php } ?> above: <?php if($this->countModules('bt_slider')){?> <div class="bt-slider"> <jdoc:include type="modules" name="bt_slider" style="none" /> </div> <?php } ?> <?php if($this->countModules('bt_map')){?> <div class="bt-map"> <jdoc:include type="modules" name="bt_map" style="none" /> </div> <?php } ?> 2. Please go to "Components" Menu -> BT Property -> Click to "Options" button at top right bar. Change your currency. Best regards,
  3. bonjour pourrais je avoir le fichier joomla.sql de bt arise quickstart svp merci

  4. Hello Zanga, Please login administrator -> Extensions -> Module Manager -> Layout Configuration Tab -> Resize thumbnail width and thumbnail height. Best regards,
  5. Hello ericyang, Please login to administrator -> Go to Extensions Menu -> Template Manage -> Edit your template -> "Layout" Tab -> Click to "Responsive Layout" (http://prntscr.com/ewa94m) Then drag the arrow to resize width of modules. Best regards,
  6. Hello ericyang, The animation to BT Shortcode in position2 included in the file: ../templates/bt_medical/css/effect.css Best regards,
  7. Hello guy, You can increase height of the bottom bar by the way: add the style below to the file css: ../templates/bt_education/css/custom.css .header_top .container, .top_header_right {height: ??px;} To change color of the bar where the menu is. Add the style below to file custom.css: .header_bottom_inner_left {color: your_color_you_want;} Best regards,
  8. Hello guy, Could you send me your account administrator in a private message? I'll check it for you. Best regards,
  9. Hello guy, "sidebar-2" position is defined in the template. So, it's strange if you don't setting this position. Best regards,
  10. Hello guy, This is a image of the article content. If you want to change it, plz login administrator -> Content -> Articles -> Choose this articles -> "Images and Links" tab. Upload your image or remove the old image. Best regards,
  11. Yes, Of course. Please help me replace the file: ../templates/bt_education/tpls/blocks/header.php by the attachment below. Best regards, header.zip
  12. Hello guy, COuld you send me your account administrator? I'll check it for you. Best regards,
  13. Hello Paulo, I'm sorry for my replying so late. Could you send me your account administrator? I'll check it for you. Best regards,
  14. Hello guy, Please install "Shockwave Flash" addon for your browser Firefox. Best regards,
  15. Hello Hamisu, Login and register buttons is the "BT Social Connect - Login" module has been manage in administrator. If you don't want show it. Just disable it in administrator. Best regards,