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  1. Hello, I wondering if I can set the source of the contentslider module from a menu or thirt component? In source setting I just get Joomla, K2 and BT. Is there a way to extend that feature to others components/menus? Thanks, Nuno
  2. Hi Hung Truong, Now it's working. I just update and everything start working as it should. Thank you. I'm realy in the charme with that module. :D Nuno
  3. Thanks for your reply but, it became worse as you can see. Now the pictures doesn't fit into the box/template grid
  4. Hi Hung Truong, Can you please check what's wrong with my module. You can find it here I check and can't find what's wrong. Regards, Nuno
  5. Hi, I tryed BT Content Slider in my website and I'm very pleased with the features. However, I think about not using it because it doesn't fix into my responsive design. Do you have any ideas how to make it up & runing with responsive design? Any help will be appreciate. Thanks, Nuno