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  1. Hi, if is possible on property detail, on agent contact form i want: - display contact form only to registered user - send a copy of the email to administrator - send a copy of email to user please, let me know, kind regards, christian
  2. Hi, i have translate all, but i have always the same problem, COM_BT_PROPERTY_PRICE_TIME_MONTH i think that i have to change something on: <li class="price"><?php echo Bt_propertyHelper::formatPrice($this->item->price, $this->item->price_time, $this->item->currency); ?></li> and add a translation for price_time, please, let me know, regards, christian
  3. hi, on property form page and property details page i have to translate: - /month - Nothing selected How i have to do? Please, let me know, Thank you, regards
  4. Hi, i have few question for submit form: - where can i change the icon price $ on submit form? - how i have to do for display location like on your demo? - i have price time, so, where can i translate "Nothing selected"? Thank you, regards
  5. hi, i want change the dimension of module's title, for example i want that: <div class="moduletable "> <div class="container"> <div class="moduletable-spotlight_top"> <h3>Home for sale</h3> become <div class="moduletable "> <div class="container"> <div class="moduletable-spotlight_top"> <h1>Home for sale</h1> how i have to do? Please, let me know, regards, Christian