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  1. check your joomla mail configuration in config there is no problem with the tempelate
  2. it is because of the tempelate ovveride it needs to be updated we require a quick reply from admin of how can we fix it by changing lines or files or full package
  3. sorry for the very late reply i mean i have a project in which i have 10 articles in a specific category in k2 i want to show one article at a time and then the user clicks the next button to the 2nd and continuees
  4. thank you i really need it and will never forget your help please inform me because its urgent according to my customers need
  5. hello friend, thanks for sharing your free tempelate i was wondering of how can i remove the form displayed by clicking the register button and instead of that can i include my cb registration form your help is really appreciated thanks in advance
  6. sir i need a navigation after every item in the category of k2 please help me out
  7. sir i am trying it on xampp
  8. sir, i have updated the slideshow and after that my menu list is coming behind the slideshow pics please help me looking forward to hear from you
  9. sir, i am using ur quick start package j1.7 whenevr i click on the bowthemes log in icon nothing happens and if click it several times it takes me to a log in page and then when again i click on the log in icon the ajax log in starts working my version 1.0 i even wanted to install latest version to fix the problem but the style of the module is not mathching with tempelate is there any way to fix it
  10. even i will like to know about it