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  1. lo siento pero por alguna razon creo que se te aria mas facil escribir en español :)
  2. Sorry I don’t have time to explain step by step on how to do it but is simple. Create a new module position on the “ DEFAULT Layout “ and then write the CSS CODE on the “ templates.css ” to make appear exactly where you want to appear. Good Luck.
  3. Go to your web site and Sing In as in administrator than go to: 1) Extensions 2) Template Manager 3) bt_arise 4) Layouts 5) On The “Default” choose “Edit” And now yes modified that for example like this: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> absolute (This is where the LOGO is Located)
  4. La verdad es que es muy fácil pero si quieres pásame tu URL y la información del administrador y lo solucionare por ti. O puedes contactarme por medio de nuestro sitio web: ahí tenemos chat en vivo.
  5. Sabes CSS? Por si no sabes solo modifica el Marging y el Padding a modo que se acomode donde tú quieras y listo.
  6. Si revisas este tema desde el inicio veras que hay una parte donde explico que archivo es el que modifique así que por favor léelo todo y veras que ahí está la respuesta. Pero bueno mira es este archivo: templates.css Ruta: templates/bt-arise/css/templates.css Etiqueta: h1.logo a{ background: url("../images/logo.png") no-repeat scroll left center transparent; display: block; height: 66px; width: 208px; } Y Esta Otra: h1.logo a{ background: url("../images/logo.png") no-repeat scroll left center transparent; display: block; height: xxx px; // xxx is your logo height width: yyy px; // yyy is your logo width } Solo modifica los a tu gusto y listo. :)
  7. I Want to THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the bt_arise template you are the best I'M creating other web site with bt_asrise template TORRE DEL SABER
  8. jeqpquesada how can you say that "we create a copy of the template bt-Arise"? Liar you do not now noting about creating a copy. I send you everything I even help you step by step on how to do it. I spend a list 2 hours helping you for free and this is how you pay me? stealing the credit !!! Because peoples like you is that I will never ever help any one outs for free. jeqpquesada = You are a bastard... (iff you continue been like that I will post here all our live chat wen I hellp you ok.
  9. Woo that I won't do it for free any more I can Help you but you will have to pay me. if you are interest please contact me true my contact form. HERE
  10. :ohmy: Also sarcastic and stupid ja! solution is a solution no matter what solution Remains ... I Have finished.
  11. yeah I know but can you give the credit because you say the problem solved but THANKS TO HWO I spend a lot of time helping you iven I senyou the Pakage and wock you true step by step to solve the problem OR YOU FORGOT THAT? I hate helping people's like you that not iven say thanks... :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
  12. Hey I Can Fix That Problem For You If You Want send me your admin user and password and I will help you : for now I'M still translating my web site and because that for now is available only on spanish but I fix the menu problem in my site so if you want I can help you click here to check out my site This is one of the web site's that I have created in two languages!!!
  13. Ok Me Again :) I Fix The Problem Is All Good Now :)
  14. the menu does not have a background color on internet explorer in all the other navegators is ok. so can some one please help me with in idea of what can I do to fix that in advance thank you very much... :) Ups here I live the lick to the site where I have the problem:
  15. Pues haciendole algunos cambios al template.css y a las imagenes de fondo :) dale click AQUI para chatear en vivo y para pasarte el nuevo usuario y contraseña x q como te mensione antes lo cambie... O enviame un MP a