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  1. Sorry, but I can't give you admin privileges to my website. Screenshot of my problem: [attachment=423]drop-downmenuproblem.PNG[/attachment]
  2. [attachment=422]drop-downmenuproblem.PNG[/attachment]
  3. How can I set drop-down menu z-index to appear on the top of website layers? I found "swmenu", which can hack this problem and menu on position-7 works fine. But then mega menu doesn't work :(
  4. I've got this same problem. Menu is sliding behind center (content) section. I tried many of drop-down menus. I even try to write my own drop-down menu. Every time got this same... submenu is sliding behind center section.
  5. On my website I have two menus. One of them is on megamenu panel. Second one is on the left side on my website - verticaly orientation. How do I activate the drop down menu (verticaly)? I tried to separate modules, but none worked. I want the sub-menu to appear when you hover the mouse on the top menu.
  6. Are you develop vertical menu? Your template is great. Only what I need is sliding vertical menu
  7. How can I add module position to top.header?
  8. I know thats settings. My problem is rather joomla configuration problem. BTSlideContent works great. But I want to hide articles on startpage witch are viewed in ContentSlider. Now I have these same articles in ContentSlider and home page.
  9. I would like to show 6 features articles in ContentSlider. This is very simple. How can I show rest of featured articles in home page? Now I get this same articles in Content Slider and on main page (where should be rest of articles)
  10. I still dont know how to do it...
  11. Mega menu is great. I would like to add vertical menu in position-5 and I would like to slide submenus like in MegaMenu. How can I do that?
  12. Hi! Your work is great. Thanks for it. I want to enable BT Social Share on start page. Now plugin is visible only in article view. I want to enable this plugin on all views. How can I do this?