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  1. where is the new themes? İf you don't create new themes, pay back our money.
  2. i have a new offer for next templates. All joomla themes same style. Lets make another style http://www.hekimholding.com/ http://www.koc.com.tr/tr-tr bow theme is rock.
  3. Hi i want to change font to fjalla One. i add in head block this code <link href='http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Fjalla+One&subset=latin,latin-ext' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'> and now what do i do now about this code>>>>>> font-family: 'Fjalla One', sans-serif;
  4. when i am registering plan, i read this +1 each month. i recognized that 2 theme is not published each month. How can fix that. İ registered in february
  5. i add the code can you check it again. i think it s too bottom
  6. hi, i dont want to use menu description. so i remove descriptions. but menu icons and text is not align middle on menu bar. can you help me to align middle www.iremakermimarlik.com/site
  7. i am using android samsung and browser is default browser
  8. i have problem with menu when mobile visit . i add screenshot. My site is www.iremakermimarlik.com/site
  9. hi, i think joomla is not have effective and simple video component and component's module. So if you have some video, you run into trouble. Example i want to make union or society theme. this concepts must have news,announcements,events,photo gallery,weather module and finally video gallery. every things ok but video big problem. because the made ones is so complicated or not effective. so pleaseeeeeee make video component and modules :)
  10. alot of table to change?
  11. property image is not shown. can you check this adres http://www.izmirhuryapemlak.com/emlak-ilanlarimiz/satilik-konut-ilanlari/huryap-emlak-m-pasa-caddede-3-1-bakimli-klasik-2-kat.html
  12. what a support. great work. what about phpmyadmin character set ? some turkish caracter is not shown. ex like this Baz? Büyük ?ehirlerde Hava Durumu
  13. background slideshow is not showing without homepage. can you check adress www.medyacom.com/dernek and i have another problem when i save sometihng joomla admin panel is logout the last one is some database tables is latin_swedisch_ci. how to convert them to utf8 general ci my admin information in my support desk you can use same account
  14. it has invalid image error on bt content showcase module in jomla 3.4 version
  15. i send you with ticket [TECH-0000003200]