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  1. Hi, Where can I change the title of the MAIN MENU (off canvas) which is visible on mobile and tablet view. I want to change it from "Main Menu" to "Hoofdmenu" (dutch). I checked several language files, but I can't find it. Printscreen (I mean the top right menu title) Thanks, Bas
  2. Thanks. But in the article we don't use the readmore
  3. Another question: i have a problem with the shortcode in articles: see:
  4. Ok thanks. And for the BT Background SlideShow module. I want some text in black --> <div class="small-title"> <div class="main_desc hasSubtitle">
  5. I want to change the font color to black. Is it on the same way.
  6. ok, thanks. Another question. Article with image (image full article). See attachment. I use the read more function, then i have a white flat in the article.
  7. See printscreen. The single article is only on the right site. How can you change that? Start at the left site.
  8. Thanks! Another question. Where can i change the image of the doctor behind the module: Position 2. It is not in the module, right?
  9. i want to change the red color (different red). How can i change this?
  10. Is there a maximum of 12 menu items in a menu? Can i change that? Menu item is on the left side of the website. See http://www.huisclean...kartikelen.html. Menu "Plaatsen". I fixed the problem.