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  1. Update: Following the advice here - - I went here - - and changed the route.php file as described. It works! Problem is: this is a Joomla core file hack, so whenever Joomla is updated, it may break again. I believe this issue should be solved in BT Content slider module to avoid the core file hack. Best regards, Rui Braz
  2. Hello: These are the topics I've read: - - The module is on the homepage: and The articles are being pulled from a category that is shown to the user at , respectively: - - Thank you. Best regards, Rui Braz
  3. Hello: On a website of mine,, BT Content Slider is producing wrong paths to articles on "read more" links. My problem seems similar to what other people have brought here, but I followed the advice that I found on this forum and can't get it to work. The module is getting articles from categories which have their own menu item (category blog). If I place the module on that pages, it works, but now on the homepage. The website is running BT Content Slider v2.3.4 on Joomla 2.5.23. Help is appreciated! Thank you! Best regards to all, Rui Braz
  4. Hello: I updated my website to J3.3., and then I realized that I need to update BT Portfolio extension to 3.0.9. because of a JS bug. But in the "my products download" page for BT Photography, I only get access to the 3.0.8. version of the component. Is this going to be updated soon? Best regards Rui Braz
  5. Hello: I've checked a brand new J3.2.3 install file: there is no application.php in the includes folder. It looks to me that your BT Portfolio smart search plugin needs updating to handle some change in Joomla file structure: I disabled the plugin and it now works! Best regards, Rui Braz
  6. Hi: I have a problem with BT Portfolio component. I'm able to upload new media, but when I save the portfolio, I get this message error: Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required '/home/laranja4/public_html/includes/application.php' (include_path='.:/usr/local/php53/pear') in/home/laranja4/public_html/plugins/finder/portfolios/portfolios.php on line 152 Can someone help? Best regards, Rui Braz
  7. Hi: There is a proposed solution for the canonical URLs problem here: As I understand it, the fix is not 100% safe. For me it did work. Joomla team is woking on a fix for a future J3 update. Best regards
  8. Hi I tested it without SEF enabled and in fact it works. Guess I'll have to wait for a Joomla update. About the CSS change: where did you find a template.css file with 5188 or more lines??? I looked for it, and could find it. The template uses less files that are compiled into css, and maybe there is some caching going on, so I'm afraid you could have edited a temporary file. I should use another piece of css to overwrite that declaration. What should the css be? Something like this: Thanks for your help. Best regards
  9. Thanks, that solved it. But... won't it break whit a module update? Best regards
  10. Hi: 1st: I can't see any attachement here in the forum, but I think I jnow what you are referring to (new browser separator instead of a pop up). Looked for "max-width: 100%" in the template files, but couldn't find anything thath could be causing this. 2nd: I looked for a plugin or some setting somewhere that can be causing this, and I haven't found anything. I'll PM you the details you asked for. I greatly appreciate the help. Best regards.
  11. Yeah, I figured that one out. But my problem persists: I have 5 faces showing in the module and I really want to show no faces at all. Best regards
  12. Hello: Yes, 0 is for the "Number of Faces" om the modules admin interface. But I always get 5 faces. Here is a screenshot: (please look at the bottom of the page). Best regards, Rui Braz
  13. Hello: Thanks for your help. Unfortunately, I still need some further help. 1st: Like Box? iframe? Are you referring to something on the BT Portefolio component or are you referring to the BT Facebook Like module at the bottom of the website? Could you please be more specific? I just don't know where to go in order to fix this. 2nd: I have no idea where to remove the "canonical" thing. I didn't even know I had that set up that way. What must I edit? Please point me in the right direction. Thank you. Best regards, Rui Braz
  14. Hello: Sorry for not replying earlier. I thought the forum would notify me of your reply and it didn't. Here is a website using BT Facebook Like: "Box Style" is currently set to Likebox. Today another bizarre thing happened: I have "Number of faces" set to 0. Today it shows five faces, no matter what I do. If I set "Box Style" to Fanbox, all I get is a link to Facebook, no content. Best regards, Rui Braz
  15. Hello: I'm having trouble with the social sharing feature in BT Portefolio. Facebook Like, Facebook Share don't work as they should. When using the buttons on a portefolio, the link that gets shared is the portefolio's category url (the last bit od the url is not picked up), and no portefolio images are used to share. I'm using the latest version (2.3.3) on top of Joomla v.3.0.3, using T3 v3 Framework. Here it is: Meanwhile: I'm using BT Portefolio on another website. This is a Joomla v2.5.x site, using T3 v2 Framework and BT Photography template. On this website it works allright: Maybe there is a bug on BT Portefolio social sharing implementantion with Joomla v3.0.x? Help is appreciated. Best regards, Rui Braz