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  1. Same thing here, please fix the bug with youtube
  2. Hi, I use BT Media gallery more than 1 year. No problem till I start to put youtube videos. Before I use Vimeo video. I made all you said in forum but no success. Upgraded to latest version 1.3 put youtube api key but when I click "Load data" the spinning keeps spinning, and nothing happens. I open Firefox console, but dont know what to search Here is screenshot https://www.dropbox.....56.52.png?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.....57.04.png?dl=0 Any help?
  3. Is any way to search tags in filter-bar? Also is possible in next version have module filte bar for BT media? Thnx
  4. Is it possible that infowindow popups goes over whole page, not inside BT Google maps dimension I set in your demo for Hamilton Park, New Jersey dimension of map 400*400 px, and infowindow <iframe width="800px" height="600px" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> When click on marker Hamilton Park infowindow is not shown whole (is shown croped) Is it possible that infowindow is shown in 'lightbox' style popups that goes over whole page
  5. Thnx, but in this case article with longer title name overlap on another article title (please see) and title truncation does not work
  6. Please go to Login to site (just mouseover on text "Prijava" in horizontal menu) and login with user: tronghm pass: tronghm1 You will see BT Content Showcase and error (one coulumn instead two colums)
  7. Hi I choose Blocknews layout and 2 joomla categories, but module shows only one column Category are not side by side as in your demo, categories are one below other Please help
  8. Hi I have two wishes if it possible for your great module On Block view, is it possible instead icon put small article image? On metro view, add article title on picture Please see atach Thnx