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  1. Where have gone the bowthemes management?
  2. Dear Kien,

    Where have you gone all the staff? There is no help anywhere on site. You were good company.

  3. Yes I've also noticed this. Where have the staff gone. It seems that bowthemes staff has abandoned this site and business. I can not understand what is all this? How it is possible? No way.
  4. Hi, I'm trying to install BT Arise Quick Start package for joomla3. Problem occurs at very 1st page "Configuration". I enter in fields Site Name, Description, Admin email, Admin Username and password. But when I hit "Next" button, nothing is saved and next page is not opened. But it show warning error as following; warning Field required: Site Name Field required: Admin Email Field required: Admin Username Field required: Admin Password Field required: Confirm Admin Password Please help me I'm stucked. Image attached. Thanks in advance for you help.
  5. It has moved main content area more lower. See attached image. Actually if you see carefully, it is not the problem for which sir you have suggested. Margin is already ok. Infact, there is space between image and its border of slideshow area. It seems that slideshow area is large than image. However in settings, it is 940*295 and same is image uploaded. So why lower border in slideshow is lower than where it should be?
  6. There is extra space below the "bt slideshow". How to solve it. Plz see attached image.
  7. Dear Tam Pham, By doing this, logo image disappeared and site name appeared at its place.
  8. Sir thanks for reply. But I don't want to edit the text at base. I want to replace the black colored strip at the base of page with some other strip which i will make. Is it not an image at the base of page in the form of black strip. Can we not edit it like bgd-wrapper-inner.png. I want to replace the black strip at base on which copyright contents appear. Not text but the black strip.
  9. I want to replace the black strip at the base of page with some other strip. How can i replace it. Image attached.
  10. Yes I also read about updated BT Arise Template on facebook and also received email. I'd also want to know that how can we update this template without losing our changes which we made in this template already. To make all the changes again, will be impossible.
  11. I am also waiting the answer of upper question. It would be better if someone tell any thing by which "text box or comment box" appears on upper side of buttons instead of below of buttons. If it appears at upper side, problem will be solved automatically.
  12. I validate my site on http://validator.w3.org and result comes with 29 errors and 3 warnings. I do not know how to fix them. simple joomla templates were easy to edit but t3 templates are very hard to understand in which file some thing is located.
  13. you can not add two contacts. However you can add second contact manually. In administrative panel click on any contact and on next page, in the field of 'other information' write second contact manually.